Introducing the main character.

A short while ago I've started the painful process of writing a fic. Not that it is entirely unpleasant, more like time-consuming, challenging and always leaves you with the feeling that you should dig deeper. So far, I'm not satisfied with several explanations of 'facts' (the Death Eaters' inability to produce a Patronus, for one; why?!), but what will you do.

I've come up with the following maxim. All is freely permitted except what is prohibited specifically. And books come first, the interviews second.


The Very Beginning

If something is worth doing, it's worth doing well.

(An English proverb)

The day he fell for her was a Tuesday.

('Full of Grace' by Sins of Angels)

The idea of this journal was born seven Threadless T-shirts and innumerable cups of tea ago. Yet, I never got to posting anything before today.

I discovered Harry Potter fan fiction back in autumn 2007 and haven't surfaced ever since. Having read my way through kilobytes of Rowling-inspired stories, I can say that while some of them are as nice as screeching of nails on a blackboard, others are wonderful, delightful, and I find myself coming back to them time and time again. I began writing down the names and links of my favourite fics, but that didn't seem quite enough. I wanted to 'go on-line' and I thought that my notes may be useful to fellow fan fiction readers. And this is where whomping_willow comes in.

This journal will be mainly, though not solely, dedicated to reviews of Harry Potter fan fiction. We'll see how it goes.

Truth is, James Potter wasn't sure why he fell for Lily Evans on a Tuesday. But he supposed it was as good a day as any.

('Full of Grace' by Sins of Angels)


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